Disaster Risk & Earthquake Vulnerability Assessments

Lockforce has completed a number of assessments to assist a wide variety of organisations from Foreign NGO’s (Non-Government Organisations) to large financial institutions of 4000(+) employees. The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world for experiencing natural disasters such as: Earthquake, Fire, Volcanic Eruption, Typhoon, Storm, Flood, Storm Surge and Landslides. […]

Hostile Environment, High Risk Security Awareness & Response Training

Due to increasing Global instability and the growing need to be better prepared, Lockforce now offers courses in Hostile Environment (HEAT) and High Risk Security Awareness and Response (HRT) training to clients. These courses have proven to be highly popular and beneficial to attendees. For more information regarding course content and availability, call us today […]

Survey Team Security, Sultanate of Oman

During October 2013 Lockforce security advisors deployed to the Dhofar Region of Oman, which is one of the most sparsely populated regions of the Middle East, to provide a security and emergency response capability for an environmental survey team to ensure the safe completion of their project tasks. Our work included the development of security […]

Lockforce South America Operations

Lockforce has completed the initial phase of continuing work in South America by conducting a security risk and threat assessment for an Australian mining company operating in Brazil. All physical, procedural and electronic security issues have been assessed complete with comprehensive action plans being put into play. The next phase of this operation will be […]