Strategic competitors will increasingly use cyber capabilities – to launch cyber-attacks that cause localised, temporary disruptive effects on economic institutions, businesses and critical infrastructure.

The targeted businesses and industries being Australian and Asia/Pacific organisations from different sectors including education, health, government, political organisations, essential service providers, and other critical infrastructure operations.

ISO 270001 – Information Security Management Systems

By meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 an organisation is able to demonstrate that the security of their financial information, intellectual property, employee details, informational assets (including that provided by third parties) will be managed, protected and controlled using a recognised standard and that the process will be continually improved using a best practice within a structured framework.

Benefits of Implementing ISO 27001

  • The provision of physical and environmental security for all management processes
  • Develop and maintain a competitive advantage through the process and procedural efficiency
  • Reduction of costs and downtime as a result of incident reduction and threat minimisation
  • Protection of sensitive Intellectual Property.

Technical Security Counter Measure

A TSCM sweep includes all countermeasures employed to prevent or detect the interception of sensitive, classified, or private information. TSCM is an inspection using scanning equipment to detect Listening Devices, (LD’s) within the RF frequency range of 400 KHz to 8GHz and the VLF frequency range of 20 – 200 KHz.

A detailed physical search is conducted in all areas employing a duel output (200.0 lumens) prism detector, which reflects potential miniature camera prisms that can be located in light fittings, vents, and fire detectors.

Benefits of TSCM Sweep, sometimes called a “Bug” Sweep

  • Provides reassurance that all business information and the integrity of the information is maintained
  • Confidential conversations remain confidential
  • Competitive edge is retained
  • Enhances all aspects of Information Security.

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