Do not trust those overseas providers who have little understanding of the local environment or little to no capability in country!

Lockforce can provide Emergency Response Team (ERT) support where you can call, text or email our local team to assist when and where required:

  • Lockforce has the capability and capacity to assist locally and provide the correct response in the Philippines.
  • Lockforce to liaise with Local Emergency Services, Police and Embassies as required in the event of an emergency.
  • Distribute ERT alerts sent to the nominated company representatives or staff to keep updated in regards to security situations, natural disasters or events etc.; specific to your operating locations.
  • Competent Liaison officers to provide advice and guidance to Crisis Management and Business Continuity Teams.
  • Lockforce has the ability to assist you in your planning cycle.
  • Vehicle and Personal Tracking Devices for your travel tracking requirements.

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If you would like to discuss your companies needs further, please contact the Lockforce office nearest to you.