Lockforce can provide Management System Maintenance, which allows your organization with the benefits of meeting your legal compliance requirements, having a well-structured and auditable system and saving you money on employing a person to fill this role, particularly small to medium-sized enterprises who do not have a large budget, yet still require this function to meet their business objectives.

  • Updating client’s Document Management System.
  • Monitoring when documents are due for updating and schedule the document review.
  • Initiating Corrective Actions reported personnel reporting via email.
  • Monitoring Corrective Actions due dates and if evidence that has been uploaded is sufficient.
  • Writing new procedures and providing document control.
  • Scheduling internal audits.
  • Answering any compliance questions.
  • Monitoring changes in legislation and updating procedures if required.
  • Monitoring when equipment is due for inspection.
  • Monitoring the training matrix for when qualifications are due.
  • Potentially schedule training in for personnel.
  • Scheduling certification audits, if you are ISO certified.
  • Developing training presentations.
  • Providing internal conformance reports.
  • Maintaining all required records correctly and accurately for easy retrieval.

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