Lockforce has been engaged by a number of companies of varying sizes to conduct regular Management System Maintenance.

The business drivers for these organizations has been two fold, firstly in a number of instances due to business restructures and cost saving measures, some of these organizations have decided to outsource the management requirements, and in so doing, minimize the costs associated with a full time employee, including statutory costs and benefits. Lockforce system maintainers ensure that qualified, competent and experience personnel take on the maintenance on your behalf, alleviating costs associated with recruiting and training, through to the ongoing employment costs, these are all undertaken by Lockforce, saving you time and money! Moreover, Lockforce management guide our staff in relation to the maintenance ensuring high level support and advice, assuring a sound functioning implemented system.

The second business driver is to place a Lockforce maintainer along side the current client system maintainer for a period of time ensuring that knowledge and support on how to best maintain the system in accordance with the requirements is passed to the client’s staff, which ensures a functioning implemented system.

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For a concept on how this can benefit your organization or assistance with your system, please contact the Lockforce office closest to you.