Outsourcing Services

Business Registration

Lockforce offers immediate support so you can commence operating in Brisbane, Australia and the Philippines.

  • Administrative Support
  • Assistance in obtaining all permits to open a new business
  • Office Space
  • Secure Certification of Registration with BIR
  • Registration to SSS, Philhealth, and HDMF
  • Registration of Establishment – Department of Labor (DOLE) Rule 1020
  • Provision of HR services and employment requirements
  • Payroll Services

Lockforce maintains, organized and update documents for a business using document management software, uploading or scanning paper documents, obtaining documents, and ensuring proper and secure storage. Lockforce can offer an immediate support to commence operating in the Philippines

  • Manage and maintain all controlled company documents
    Ensure timely, accurate and efficient preparation and management of documents
  • Create and manage document hierarchy and process systems
  • File documents accurately and ensure appropriate classification and storage
  • Conduct document audits confirming they are current and accurately record evidence
  • Ensure revised documents are accessible and identifiable
  • Liaise with client and distribute information to all levels of project team and interested parties
  • Manage the process around documentation within the organization
  • Maintain confidentiality around sensitive documentation
  • Prepare update and monitoring reports

Human Resources Management

HR services are important but can also be expensive for a lot of companies. Lockforce can assist you by providing the following HR services:

  • Development of HR Policies and Manual
  • Personnel Management- manpower management that involves manpower planning, orientation, inductions, transfers, promotions, compensations, smart-sizing, and monitoring of employee productivity.
  • Payroll and timekeeping.
  • Relative Statutory Reporting.

Document Management Services

  • Create and convert templates into real client branding
  • Develop corporate level presentations in (PowerPoint)
  • Convert handwritten reports and recorded conversations into documents or presentations (Transcription)
  • Create high-level process flow, map tracing and plotting (Microsoft Vislo)

Management System Maintenance

Lockforce is now providing Clients with the option of outsourcing a number of document management systems services. This allows Lockforce to provide Client’s with a cost-effective strategy that allows small to large businesses to save and make use of their budgets in more critical areas of the company. Outsourcing document management is an effective way to help business owners so they can divert their attention and full potential in more essential areas within their organization

  • Updating client’s Document Management System
  • Monitoring when documents are due for updating and schedule the document review.
  • Initiating Corrective Actions due dates and if evidence that has been uploaded is sufficient
  • Writing new procedures and providing document control
  • Scheduling Internal Audits
  • Answering any compliance questions
  • Monitoring changes in legislation and updating procedures if required.
  • Monitoring when equipment is due for inspection
  • Monitoring training matrix for when qualifications are due
  • Potentially schedule training in for personnel.
  • Scheduling certification audits, if you are ISO certified.
  • Developing training presentations
  • Providing Internal conformance reports.
  • Maintaining all required records correctly and accurately for easy retrieval.

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