Lockforce currently has security advisers deployed in Papua New Guinea to support a Mining Company and Drilling company.

PNG is divided into four main regions: Mamose, Papua, Islands and Highlands.  These regions consist of 22 provinces and the National Capital District.

While only 8.4 million people call Papua New Guinea home, there’s more than 850 different tribes and more than 800 languages to be found in this island nation.

PNG is like no other country with so much unspoilt land and cultures to explore. There are about 20,000 expats living and working in PNG within just about every facet of the economy. Automotive, mining, logging, financial services, aviation and tourism provide many of the expat opportunities. In addition to industry, there are many aid agencies and aid projects in PNG, which attract volunteer workers for all over the world.

In order to provide professional security advice in such a cultural diverse country, it is imperative to ensure you are intune with the local traditions, customs and issues that will arise based on the location and nature of the project.

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