Policy Statement

Our Commitment

Lockforce is committed to fulfilling the criteria set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to provide the best safety security and training services possible. Our personnel stringently comply with various legislations, regulations and international standards. The Lockforce methodology for security risk management ensures a level of accountability, integrity and professionalism that is of the highest international standard.

Continual Improvement

Lockforce is underpinned by regular shareholder and senior management meetings to ensure business, investments and processes are communicated transparently and conducted efficiently. We take great pride in our continual endeavour to achieve improvement in all areas of our business, whether it is safety compliance, security audits or safety management systems.

Important Security Terminology

  • A security policy is a statement written and implemented by an organisation indicating that it will comply with ISO:28001 standards and requirements.
  • A security plan describes security measures in place to manage threat scenarios identified by the security assessment.
  • A security assessment cites the vulnerabilities of the supply chain to define security threat scenarios.
  • A security penetration test is the physical breach of an organisation’s premises in order to ascertain their level of security and employee security awareness. This will assist in identifying any potential weaknesses in an operation

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