Lockforce security advisers deployed to a clients facility in order to compile a site Security Assessment (SA) on a Chemical Production Facility. Our work included the initial review of their current Security Risk Assessment, analyzing the realistic threat sources in the area, understanding the critical production processes and the vulnerability of these process to a threat source incident. Lockforce also reviewed the mitigation strategies identified in the Risk Assessment and validated the implementation of these during the physical assessment.

The physical review was undertaken in line with Security Methodologies including review of the Defence in Depth principles. The Client specifically required areas of concern to be assessed for compliance with best practice and comprised of the below areas:

  • Guard posture, processes, compliance with legislation and operating procedures
  • Physically surveying and examining the site location
  • Evaluation of the use of their physical security technologies and their applicability
  • Identification of key assets and associated threats and ensure that controls are in place
  • Evaluate Data Center and Control Rooms
  • Evaluation of access control procedures.

The project was conducted in accordance with the client’s timelines and expectations.

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