Management Systems

A Management System is a documented system tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and budget. Lockforce developed management systems are specifically designed to align and formally document your organisational processes and risk profile. Lockforce has developed a structured methodology to meet contractual, certification and legislative requirements which is based upon the organisation provision of services and risk profile. This proven process ensures that the developed system is relevant and functional to your organisation. The design, development and implementation of all our management systems is through experienced Lockforce consultants bringing a wealth of knowledge and capability to your organisation.

Areas of Management system expertise encompass:

  • OH&S
  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Information Security Technology
  • Supply Chain

Lockforce has developed a specific Technical Writing Group (TWG) which augments the Audit and Compliance Department. The Lockforce TWG comprises of technical writers, document specialists, formatters and a legal research group. The Lockforce technical writers in conjunction with the legal researchers are trained to ensure the technical compliance of corporate and management system documents, to legislative and commercial compliance requirements. The Lockforce TWG ensures technical compliance and that all project deliverables are to the highest standard and professionally presented. The TWG services encompass but not limited to:

  • Management Systems Development and template development
  • Format standardising of current Management Systems
  • Consolidating and verifying legislative compliance requirements
  • Technical development of Management System and Corporate level documents
  • Technical training presentations and packages
Once a Lockforce professional has designed and tailored a Management System to your specific requirements, the subsequent requirement is to ensure that the system is implemented and functional in order to ensure that all personnel within your organisation fully understand and use the management system This process requires the review of the developed processes and the formal training of those personnel responsible for the integration of the system into the business operations.

It’s imperative that all developed management systems are functional, practical and easy to use; otherwise it wastes valuable time and money. Lockforce ensures that once a management system has been designed, constructed and implemented, the appropriate training and support mechanisms are available to ensure that the functionality and compliance requirements are understood.
Lockforce has extended its services to encompass Management System Maintenance and technical HSE support. In the current climate a number of small/medium businesses are opting for management system maintenance support as opposed to engaging full time HSE personnel. This reduces the annual cost of compliance and assists in achieving business objectives. Lockforce can provide routine site based support, offsite assistance and HSE technical assistance to maintain and update an organisations management system. A Lockforce consultant will be allocated to your organisation to provide the required site based and offsite technical advice.
Safety Management System is critical to a healthly and safe workplace for organisational personnel. Lockforce has developed a tiered systematic process which ensures that the developed Safety Management System aligns to the organisational risk profile and associated legislative requirements. This process critically hinges on the assessment of the organisational hazards and the subsequent development of a comprehensive risk assessment based upon the identification of relevant legal compliance requirements. The risk profile is the foundation which enables the development of a relevant and detailed Safety Management System which is relevant to the organisation. We ensure that our Safety Management Systems are compatible to your organisation’s current processes and reflect the requirements of Occupational Health & Safety legislation. Lockforce will also provide implementation assistance and Management System Maintenance support as required.
Quality Management Systems (QMS) are critical in both improving business processes and enabling your organisation to have positive tender applications. Lockforce has developed a systematic process which ensures that the developed QMS aligns to the organisations product realisation processes. Once the quality processes have been formally mapped they provide the foundation upon which a structured QMS can be developed. Lockforce can assist in implementation and periodic Management System Maintenance support as required.
An Environmental Management System (EMS) can be used to identify, manage and reduce an organisation’s impact on the environment and generate reports on environmental performance progress. a detailed assessment of an organisations environmental aspects and impacts is conducted to determine the structure of a robust EMS which monitors, measure and evaluates an organisation’s environmental requirements.
Security incidents against national and international supply chains are threats to trade and the economic growth of trading nations. People, goods, infrastructure and equipment should be protected against security incidents and their potentially devastating effects. In order for an organisation to establish an overall supply chain security management system, Lockforce will assess the security environment in which the organisation operates in and determine if adequate security measures are in place and if other regulatory requirements exist with which the organisation must comply with. Lockforce will assess, design and implement a Security Management System and framework in accordance with ISO: 28000, and take the system to certification if required.
Lockforce have cultivated expertise in conducting risk assessments encompassing small scale operations and businesses through to major projects leading to the development of robust strategic strategies incorporating stakeholder input. The process can encompass a holistic review of process, or targeted risk assessments of individual operating areas or components. Lockforce provides training for risk workshop facilitators for the mining sector, and compliment this capability with significant experience in the development of risk assessments for small to medium sized enterprises through to large multinational organisations.

Lockforce is also specialised in the fabrication, development and evaluation of business continuity and disaster recover planning. We deliver ISO 31000 Risk Assessment Training to clients within Australia and the South East Asian Region inclusive of advising on best practice management system development implementation and maintenance. The identification and management of organisational risk empowers management to identify and manage those risks that have the greatest impact to the organisation and its personnel. Risk management provides the foundation of a detailed and relevant Management System and shapes the control and mitigation strategies required to effectively reduce the impact of risk sources.

Lockforce adopts a risk based approach to all services provided and has developed a specialised risk management service which is aligned ISO 31000. This formalised process effectively enables Lockforce to conduct a detailed evaluation of an organisation’s services, formal and informal processes and existing controls to allow the development of a holistic risk profile. Lockforce’s extensive experience within risk management processes continues to highlight that this is a fundamental process to ensure that Lockforce understands the intricacies of your business services, processes and the associated risks as a precursor. We strive to understand your business model and risk profile to ensure that our service is both tailored and relevant to your organisational needs. This process is the fundamental difference between Lockforce and similar service consultancies. This structured methodology enables us to deliver exceptional technical consultancy assistance throughout all provided services to include business continuity, safety, quality environmental and security and emergency management risk identification and management.

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