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  • Michael Gray
    AFAIM, CPMSIA Group HSSE Manager
    Mitchell Corporation Australia Pty Ltd

    With the recent introduction of the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004 and the supporting documents Dangerous Goods Safety (Security Risk Substances) Regulations 2007 and Dangerous Goods Safety (Explosives) Regulations 2007 it was recognised that Mitchell Corporation Australia Pty Ltd needed to develop a higher level Security Management System that would meet and support all aspects of the legislation.

    Mitchell employed Lockforce to provide support and specialist advice to the Corporate and Operational Management Teams during the development process.

    The quality of the support provided by Lockforce has been excellent. The management plans have been redeveloped in a timely manner and have ensured that Mitchell was able to meet all statutory deadlines for submission of supporting documentation. The Vulnerability Assessments provided were of the highest quality and ensured that we were able to put in place defences that significantly reduce the vulnerability of key assets and operations.
  • Frank T Keough
    Asia Pacific HSES

    McDermott have utilised the services provided by Lockforce on many occasions over the last 6 years. They are a very professional and dedicated service provider that have provided services from the development of Standard Operating Procedures and Security Training to our internal security personnel, Security Personnel to our marine assets, Security Threat Assessments for several areas in the Asia Pacific region and, audit and review of our security arrangements and personnel. Having a strong background in the Australian Defence Forces, their staff are highly competent and well trained in delivering a range of security services
  • Jonathan Torento
    Corporate CSR & Security Manager
    Holcim Ltd

    Lockforce is a professional partner. It shares the same values, ethics, and standards that Holcim wanted to have with all its business stakeholders.
  • Bassam A. Al-Nouri
    Managing Director
    Kuwait Computer Services

    This reference is to confirm Lockforce Consultancy Pty Ltd Australia were contracted by Kuwai Computer Services of Kuwait to conduct a full security threat assessment and audit of eighteen ZAIN Telecommunications asset sites throughtout the Middle East and African locations.

    The assessments involved physical analysis of operational and service procedures pertaining to the Telecommunications Companies - MTC, ZAIN, Fastlink and Celtel Africa which were conducted over a 14 week period involving Mr A Chatfiled of Lockforce Consultancy Pty Ltd.

    Lockforce Consultancy Pty Ltd met our client's directives through the conduct of a proactive and in depth sercurity assessment. The security assessment tool used throughout the entire security assessment was based ofISO/PAS 28000 - Specification for Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain and HB 167 - Security Risk Management Manual.

    As a result of the assessments completed for our clients we have since formed a business relationship allowing us to expand our current business services in security and risk management.