Lockforce aims to support clients in improving efficiency allowing them to make timely decisions with regards to safety and security of their people and fleet assets. The transformation of data into valuable information can save time and money through efficiency while keeping with the highest safety standards. This September Lockforce, launched Trakpro, a system that can provide clients with tracking and monitoring capabilities for vehicles and personnel. The Trakpro platform allows for detailed and customizable fleet management system that is easy to use and scalable to suit small business through to government sector and major logistic companies. Features include the following:

• GPS Tracking
• SOS and duress notifications
• Fuel monitoring
• Reporting
• Driver behavior monitoring
• Eco driving
• Odometer and digital logbooks
• Fleet management and maintenance scheduling
• Asset management.

The system offers unapparelled safety and security for clients with ability to monitor through CDMA and Satellite means that is accessible via app or desktop globally and in real-time. With user friendly interface it provides access to a broad spectrum of vehicle data and analytics as well as the ability to monitor employees deployed in hazardous and remote locations.

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