While the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, it is doing far too little to prepare for the future, and possibly even more damaging pandemics.  A report by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), which is an independent body created by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, the GPMB has indicated that the coronavirus pandemic had revealed how little the world had focused on preparing for such disasters, despite ample warnings that large disease outbreaks were inevitable.

“Failure to learn the lessons of Covid-19 or to act on them with the necessary resources and commitment will mean that the next pandemic, which is sure to come, will be even more damaging,” it warned.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned Monday, August 03, 2020, that there might never be a “silver bullet” for the new coronavirus, despite the rush to discover effective vaccines. “For now, stopping outbreaks comes down to the basics of public health and disease control.”

Businesses can also mitigate the impacts through planning, which assists our communities!

  • Did your business have a plan for the first wave?
  • What about the second and third wave?
  • What about a different and more devastating Pandemic?

If you do not have a plan, you may be failing your business, your staff, your friends, your family, your community, and your Frontlines!

Contact Locforce so we can assist you in gaining control of the current and future Pandemic effects on your business. We all now need to learn to live with Pandemics and mitigate their impacts.

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