Welcome to Lockforce

We provide specialist skills and technical advice in the areas of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Performance, Security Emergency Management, and specialised Training. We deliver practical and workable solutions on a national and international basis which have particular relevance to the Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Food, Medical, Power and Energy sectors. Our services compliment business continuity functions while ensuring compliance with internal policies, national and international standards and regulations.



Extensive Experience in a Diverse Range of Sectors

Lockforce is renowned for having a strong and proven track record of achievements within the Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Food, Medical and Power and Energy sectors, providing professional tailored services. Our reputation stems from the following experience and methodology:

A proven record of achievement within the Australian and SE Asia in those sectors mentioned and many more;

A regional office in Manila enables Lockforce to market its services to companies by offering relevant and strategic analysis and planning advice which may be of assistance as part of their assessment of potential feasibility studies for the start-up of projects through to the operational phase or other operations considered essential to the corporate objectives;

The organisations capability to build on core services delivering tailored solutions exceeding client requirements;

Lockforce management prides itself in cohesive and directly accountable leadership;

The organisation is comprised of high calibre and experienced people that create innovative solutions to practical problems;

There is always a "can do" but practical attitude to the delivery of solutions to client requirements. The organisation is strong on communication and client relations and accordingly is well positioned to offer a complimentary and competitively priced
range of products and services that meet client needs;

Lockforce quality processes comply with all the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards for certification. On-going investment in training and professional development ensures that all systems and procedures maintain a high standard of compliance;

Lockforce is able to deliver a rapid response to client needs nationally and internationally.