Lockforce was established in 2006 in Australia and 2011 in the Philippines, and over the past 15 years, Lockforce has continued to conduct successful work outcomes for some of the world’s largest companies within various industries and has succeeded in a growing and competitive market.

Lockforce has grown into a leading consulting firm for both Australia and the Philippines, conducting works globally providing clients with specialist and experienced skills in strategic security services, safety compliance, audits, management systems, risk management, business continuity services, and specialized training services. Over the past 15 years, Lockforce has worked with Embassies, Non-Government Organizations, Telecommunications, Mining, Energy and Power, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Maritime, and Transportation companies on a national and international basis.

The Lockforce family has grown over the years and currently employs around 118 experienced and qualified professionals. With the reputation of our team, Lockforce continues to deliver services that not only meet client expectations but surpasses them.

Lockforce looks forward to another 15 years supporting our valued clients.

Are you seeking accreditation with the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)?

Lockforce is an Australian Veteran owned business specializing in security, risk management, IT security, auditing, and compliance. Lockforce has been assisting organizations with their DISP requirements to comply with Australian Defence Contracts.

The new DISP, launched on 9 April, strengthens Defence security practices in partnership with industry, providing better protection of sensitive and classified information and securing industrial intellectual property.

DISP is a risk management and assurance program that enables industry partners to understand and meet their security obligations when engaging in Defence projects and tenders. DISP operates using the Defence Security Principles Framework (DSPF), which aligns with the Commonwealth’s Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF).  The Top 4 of the ACSC Essential Eight controls are mandated by the PSPF.

Lockforce can assist organizations with their Security Policies and Plans, Security Risk Register, identifying the security controls relevant to the DISP framework, a Security Management Plan, and a security awareness training package for the Implementation of the security documents, as required.

For further information on DISP accreditation and how Lockforce can assist your organization, please email info@lockforce.com.au and have one of our defense specialists talk with you.

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Success Amidst A Crisis

“Surviving a crisis can represent a turning point in organizational life, present opportunities to establish a reputation for caring and competence and rise from the ashes.”

COVID-19 has caused all businesses to change the way they conduct day-to-day business operations to remain productive. Looking at your business now and comparing it before the pandemic (or any major incident) occurring, your business risk profile has changed and needs to be reviewed based on lessons learned. Business resilience, capacity building, and adapting to ensure your business can smoothly transcend disruption and thrive!

“Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.” – Source: Nassim Taleb, Antifagile: Things that Gain from Disorder

The impulse can be to forget about the situation as soon as possible and prioritize all efforts into recovering production and profitability. However, we tend to overlook the opportunity to understand and evaluate our performance under stress; what were our strengths and weaknesses? Moreover, what actions can we put in place to prevent a similar situation from occurring again?

Capturing and integrating the lessons learned thus far through the COVID-19 pandemic will help organizations whether what remains of this present storm, and will be applicable to other kinds of disruptions that may occur in the future. Organizations must devote time to learning from experience and past events.

“Never forget lightning can strike twice in the same place.” – Source: M. Regester and J. Larkin, Crisis Management Lecturers

Performance can only be improved if your organization is willing and able to enhance processes, procedures, and behaviors as a result of an emergency, crisis, or business continuity event.

Critical assessment around resilience focuses on the advantages of learning from success and also the same level of importance on learning from failure.

“To survive, our organizations (and governments) have to become truly agile, able to adjust or even change their business models with extreme rapidity.” – Source: M. Davies, ContinuitySA: Business Continuity Institute

Keys to success:

•            Act swiftly and decisively

•            Always plan for the unexpected

•            Implement a Crisis/Business Continuity Plan and a Crisis Communications Plan and process

•            Develop an exercise, test, and evaluation continuum

•            Staffing and associated impacts

•            Assess and analyze your supply chain

•            Get digitalized

•            Learn your lessons and implement change.

Most organizations will attempt to conduct the work internally; this concept carries with it inherent risks, it is strongly advised to “work with the experts”. Emergency Management, Crisis Management, and Business Continuity planning and implementation are jobs for dedicated experts, so work with one. Otherwise, you may introduce unforeseen risks!

In order to soundly understand and be in a position to do so, a risk workshop consisting of lessons learned is a valuable step in the right direction and allows us to provide you with an updated Risk Profile: accurate and suitably realigned to your business operations.

United Nations (2020). The world must be ready for the next pandemic. We cannot afford to be complacent, and we must learn from our mistakes. Interview. https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/12/1080922

Who Should Attend:

•            Key stakeholders/decision-makers

•            Up to 6 people in attendance (Corporate Group) only

•            ½ day workshop, face-to-face

•            For session costs please contact your local Lockforce Office (See Contact Us).

Workshop Topics:

•            Financial Considerations Assessment

•            Capability Assessment

•            HR Assessment

•            Government Collaboration

•            Marketing Strategy Assessment

•            Working from home and IT Considerations

•            Cultural barriers based on short, medium, and long term lockdowns and the effects on the organization

•            Thinking Through Possible Scenarios.

Note: this activity is for corporations to establish Lessons Learned, not individuals.

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Philippines Responsible Mining Requirements

Executive Order (EO) 130 dated April 14, 2021,  which amends EO 79 issued in 2012 that suspended  applications for mineral contracts in protected areas,  prime agricultural lands, tourism development areas,  and other critical places like island ecosystems, among others.

The moratorium on mineral agreements under Section  4, EO No. 79 is hereby lifted,” the new Executive Order details.

All proactive mining companies understand the importance of Responsible and Sustainable mining practices and the community’s expectations; it is in everyone’s interest to adhere to Responsible Mining Practices.

Lockforce can assist your organization in ensuring you best meet your social and corporate responsibility in meeting the requirements of Responsible Mining. This is achieved through a Benchmarking Gap Analysis of your operation with the aim of identifying areas of sound practice and also areas where you are demonstrating responsible mining and where your organization can improve, based on EO 130 amendments to EO 79 and ISO 14001 requirements.

Lockforce can then assist your organization in developing and implementing the processes to best meet the requirements of Responsible Mining whilst ensuring you achieve your business objectives within this framework.

The Initiative for Responsible Mining is establishing best practice standards that improve the environmental and social performance of mining operations, as well as a system to independently verify the implementation of those standards. In order for this to work, both Government and Corporates need to be held duly accountable based on the regulated standards and legal compliance requirements.

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University Coordinators – High-Risk Training (HRT)

The scope of the program covered the development of the activity materials and the facilitation of High-Risk Security Awareness and Response Training to meet the ever-changing security environments for a University. These workshops were customised to security incidents and other threats that are relevant within the University sector operating environment.

Some of these workshops and practical instruction consists of the following:

  • What are the physical reactions and limitations that can affect survival
  • IED awareness and what to do if one is discovered
  • Detection and reporting a Hazard
  • What is an active shooter
  • Barricading considerations
  • Coordinating a localised response
  • First aid considerations for mass casualty response
  • Protester Management
  • Conflict Management & De-escalation Techniques
  • Reporting to internal and external stakeholders
  • Handover takeover (HOTO) to Emergency services.

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