Lockforce is a company staffed by experienced and qualified professionals, with the aim of meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations and requirements through sound consultation. Continue to conduct successful work outcomes for some of the world’s largest companies; however Lockforce also conducts work for small to medium companies, who wish to expand and succeed in a competitive market place

Successful business model
Trusted reputation
Operating to national and international standards
Specialist knowledge and skills
Global experience
Innovative offering exciting new products and services
Committed to providing the scope of services offered, in compliance with legislation, regulations and international standards Ensuring a high level of accountability, integrity and professionalism.

Lockforce provides a full range of capabilities such as, Document Management Systems, audit and compliance, implementation of management systems, land and maritime based security, security risk, threat and vulnerability assessment and management.
Lockforce has three main office locations in Perth, Brisbane and Manila (Philippines), which allows Lockforce to cover all aspects of clients’ needs within Asia/Pacific Regions in a responsive nature and minimising client’s costs. Lockforce also conducts projects for clients in South America, Africa, and the Middle East. For further details on Lockforce offices please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page.
Lockforce provides a range of services to complement and enhance business function and ultimately business performance. Lockforce Document Management Systems provide a structured and user friendly Management System approach.

The ability for organisations to meet ISO standards provides companies with a marketing edge; the Lockforce Document Management system allows organisations and management to meet their compliance and legislative requirements.

Other services Lockforce provides are:

Occupational Health and Safety solutions
Document Management System implementation and training
Quality auditing, assessment and analysis
Environmental audit, assessment and analysis
Security audits, assessment and analysis (including security provider, supply chain, security systems and maritime security plans)
Audit and compliance
Land based and facility Security surveys and assessments
Maritime security options
Training service specific to client needs and the risk environment
To ensure the security of confidential company documents Lockforce offers a ‘Document Management System’, which is an electronic system tailored to your organisations specific needs and budget. The system is designed to grow as your company grows. The design and implementation of your Document Management System is through experienced Lockforce staff, bringing a wealth of knowledge and capability to your organisation. Lockforce will assess and minimise your exposure to risk so as to ensure business continuity in an ever changing, dynamic environment. The process involves:

Client consultation throughout the process
Review the current Document Management System
Conduct a Document Management System GAP Analysis
Establish company risk exposures (in accordance with ISO 31000 Risk Management)
Develop Document Management System in line with the GAP Analysis
Implement the Document Management System
Staff training on the Document Management System
Review Document Management System, as per the clients requirements
Lockforce conducts Security Risk Management for land, maritime and critical infrastructure. Lockforce utilises a Risk Based Methodology established from ISO 31000 Risk Management.

Lockforce also conducts, as a part of the Security Risk Management, Criticality and Vulnerability assessments.

This enables organisations to focus the security effort on vital areas of concern; thereby saving organisations money and ensuring the security posture mitigates the threat and minimises the risk to the organisation.

Lockforce can complete the security management system for your facility, in line with the current threat environment, risks that currently confront your organisation and develop the system in order for your organisation to mitigate business impacts and enhance resilience through the development, implementation and testing of Crisis Management and Business continuity systems.
Lockforce Occupational Health and Safety Department forms a valuable part of the Lockforce integrated team, with the development of a Safety Management Systems, comes practical guidance in assisting the client to provide the right Occupational Health and Safety solutions for your respective organisation. Lockforce conducts a Safety Gap Analysis to identify areas that require attention, this ensures time and cost efficiency.

The ability to identify risks is an integral part of any Occupational Health and Safety system. Lockforce will facilitate and conduct Risk Management as a part of the Safety Management System.

Lockforce ensures that the solution is compatible to your organisation and reflects the requirements of current Occupational Health and Safety legislation.
Audits can be an unnerving process, in most cases there will be an ‘Audit Scope’ which will highlight the areas that the audit will focus on. In most cases, audits will be conducted against country specific or international standards, these standards will set the boundaries of the audit. The audit process will normally consist of preliminary contact by the auditor, this is conducted some time prior to the audit to confirm all administrative requirements, prior to the audit date. On the day of the audit, the basic process should be:

Introduction by Audit Team Leader
Audit opening address
Scope of the audit
Time frame of the audit
Audit team member introduction
Conduct of the audit
The body of the audit
Audit closing meeting
Audit final question (from the audit team)
Audit findings
Notification of audit report submission
How the auditee is to close out any audit findings Audit times frames can vary depending on the 'Audit Scope'.
Lockforce is able to deploy qualified staff, at short notice to clients, providing excellence in both deliverables and work ethic, above and beyond client expectation. Simply visit our website and go to the ‘contact us’ page.

For more information regarding Lockforce services please call us today on +61 (0) 8 9322 5380 in Perth, +63 (0) 2 8450355 Manila or submit an online enquiry form.