Security and Emergency Management

Specialist Security Services

Lockforce provide a comprehensive range of Security, Emergency Management and specialist services covering both land based, maritime and specialised security services. Where required, these services may be tailored to meet client specific requirements or international standards. The Lockforce team have the knowledge and experience to adapt to the ever evolving security challenges of the domestic and international security arena, thereby providing our clients with a superior and proven product.

Important Security Terminology

  • A security policy is a statement written and implemented by an organisation indicating that it will comply with recognised national or international standards and legislative requirements.
  • A security plan describes security measures in place to manage threat scenarios identified by the security assessment.
  • A security assessment cites the vulnerabilities of the supply chain to define security threat scenarios.
  • A security penetration test is the physical breach of an organisation’s premises in order to ascertain their level of security and employee security awareness. This will assist in identifying any potential weaknesses in an operation
Our specialised strategic services extend beyond conventional rigid security arrangements as Lockforce has gained comprehensive experience during four years of exposure to managing the actions of Issue Motivated Groups (IMG’s) domestically. This experience has resulted in an intimate understanding of the intent capabilities and resources which activists employ to disrupt major LNG/CSG and resource projects. Our level of expertise is unique and continues to deliver measurable success.

We are able to deliver the following capabilities to clients:
Business Security risk, threat and vulnerability assessments in order to develop specific mitigation strategies to ensure strategic and operational objectives are maintained.
Complete assessment and strategically implement measures to control Perception Management to mitigate negative reputational impact.

Extensive experience in strategic and tactical contingency based planning.
Lockforce are very familiar with the complex and challenging environments in which clients, at times are faced with. Through detailed assessments of a client’s requirements, Lockforce are able to offer clients workable solutions based on their well-known expertise and experience, within industry.

Our Land Based Security Services include but are not limited to the following:

Project Management
Security & Emergency Management
Issue Motivated Groups (IMG) Management
Security Advisory Services
Corporate Travel Solutions
Static Guard Force Management and or Mentoring
Security Gap Analysis/Vulnerability Assessments & Surveys
Security Risk & Threat Assessments
Security Management System Implementation
Security & Emergency Management plans and procedures
Security Management system review & auditing
Supply Chain Security Services
Lockforce provide fast, effective and efficient reaction to a crisis and emergency management event through accurate analysis of the situation combined with a coordinated planned response. The ultimate aim is to avoid a crisis or emergency; through engaging Lockforce early the risk to your business will be minimised.
Lockforce provide a professional maritime security service globally and at an internationally recognised standard. Lockforce has extensive knowledge and experience within the maritime security sector providing compliance plans and risk assessments, to meet legislative requirements.

Our Maritime Security Services include but are not limited to:

Off Shore Platform Security Surveys
Port Facility & Ship Security Surveys
Port Facility & Ship Security Plans
Security Plan Assessment & Review
Security Management System Implementation
Maritime Security Escort and Assessment Services
Pirated Vessel Assessment/ Investigation
ISPS / MTOFSA audits.
Lockforce provide a full Security Penetration Testing service to clients who may be concerned that a compromise to their organisations operation may be financially crippling.

Lockforce can conduct a full security risk assessment of an operation, and the penetration test will expose exploitable vulnerabilities. Lockforce will then provide recommendations to address identified vulnerabilities, and where required, provide training to employees to improve their security awareness. The complete process will assist clients in understanding these vulnerabilities and how to get their staff to understand, identify and report potential security related issues.
Lockforce provide specialist Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) sweeps (commonly referred to as bug sweeps) and associated services to clients who are exposed to a competitive and challenging business environment and require peace of mind that confidential business meetings, plans and or strategy meetings or workshops remain confidential.
Lockforce can provide qualified and experienced personnel to become an integral team member during the design phase prior to construction, to ensure all security and access controls aspects have been considered. Our proven methodology will save you the costs associated with security of your real estate development and provide an accurate platform to protect your investment.

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