Lockforce has recently completed a series of Counter Surveillance Training courses for high profile Filipino families. The training consisted of a number of theoretical sessions and several practical sessions in order to practice and reinforce the teaching points, covered in the theory. The training consisted of three days covering foot and vehicle counter-surveillance techniques.

While some would view the engagement of private security contractors filling the role of Close Personal Protection (CPP- bodyguards) as the mitigation strategy for their protection; this training allows the individual(s) to take full control and responsibility for their own personal protection, safety, and allows the individual the information to enhance family security.

The training also allows the individual with the knowledge and skills to assess the capabilities of their CPP providers and ensure you are getting what you are paying for, and your safety is not being Jeopardized.

This training is orientated to groups of 4 to 8 allowing a workable size best suited to a sound learning environment. The knowledge and skills gained allow you to identify when you are under surveillance, the means for you to gain information on the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures the surveillance teams are using on you, the potential number and professionalism of those conducting surveillance against you and the mitigation strategies you may wish to employ to protect you and your family.

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