Executive Order (EO) 130 dated April 14, 2021,  which amends EO 79 issued in 2012 that suspended  applications for mineral contracts in protected areas,  prime agricultural lands, tourism development areas,  and other critical places like island ecosystems and among other critical places like island ecosystems.

The moratorium on mineral agreements under Section  4, EO No. 79 is hereby lifted,” the new Executive Order details.

All proactive mining companies understand the importance of Responsible and Sustainable mining practices and the community’s expectations; it is in everyone’s interest to adhere to Responsible Mining Practices.

Lockforce can assist your organization in ensuring you best meet your social and corporate responsibility in meeting the requirements of Responsible Mining. This is achieved through a Benchmarking Gap Analysis of your operation with the aim of identifying areas of sound practice and also areas where you are demonstrating responsible mining and where your organization can improve, based on EO 130 amendments to EO 79 and ISO 14001 requirements.

Lockforce can then assist your organization in developing and implementing the processes to best meet the requirements of Responsible Mining whilst ensuring you achieve your business objectives within this framework.

The Initiative for Responsible Mining is establishing best practice standards that improve the environmental and social performance of mining operations, as well as a system to independently verify the implementation of those standards. In order for this to work, both Government and Corporates need to be held duly accountable based on the regulated standards and legal compliance requirements.

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