Lockforce recently conducted Defensive Driving and Armored Vehicle Training for a number of foreign embassies here in the Philippines.  Our team are very grateful to be trusted by different foreign embassies. We have proven to the chancery community that the Lockforce skills, professionalism, and product are world-class.

Lockforce driving courses assist not only security-orientated driving capabilities but a wide range of corporate driving skills, these courses are specific to client needs and not an off-the-shelf course which most training provider’s conduct.

This year, we have conducted a number of driver training sessions for different industries, this only proves that a lot of companies invests in safety not just for their employee but also for their business. Lockforce has a competent pool of trainers and assessors, which ensure that all assessments are consistent and your driver is evaluated to the highest level possible, additionally this assessment allows you to be sure your drivers are operating to the safest and most competent level.

Lockforce driving training is designed for corporate groups and not individual applications.

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