Lockforce Consultants has completed a number of assessments to assist a wide variety of organisations from Foreign NGO’s (Non-Government Organisations) to large financial institutions of 4000(+) employees.

The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world for experiencing natural disasters such as: Earthquake, Fire, Volcanic Eruption, Typhoon, Storm, Flood, Storm Surge and Landslides.

Different companies will have to implement different measures to adjust to calamities, including taking into consideration the situation of their employees which could help in terms of business continuity planning and allowing for outages beyond their control. Company management should champion the cause of DRRM (Disaster Risk Reduction Management) when it comes to their operations, BPO companies in the country should have a “sense of urgency” when it comes to ensuring connectivity even during extraordinary circumstances. In the case of companies that do not have a strategy yet, they need to have an Aftermath Action Plan for Disasters.

Lockforce has extensive experience in conducting security services including Disaster Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, We can help you get ready; as preparedness not only builds confidence, assists in business resilience, it saves lives and is a critically worthy investment! https://lockforce.com.au/contact-us/