Medicinal Cannabis has been legalised in Australia and a number of companies are seeking their licence and permits within this field in order to meet compliance and have been engaging Lockforce to meet these heavily regulated requirements.

The Office of Drug Control regulates to prevent the risk of diversion of medicinal cannabis. As a medicine, medicinal cannabis products are regulated by Both the Office of Drug Control (ODC) and the Therapeutic Administration (TGA), which are part of the Australian Government Department of Health. Together they make up the Health Products Regulation Group.

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You must have a medicinal cannabis or cannabis research licence (an ODC licence) and must obtain a medicinal cannabis or cannabis research permit (an ODC permit) before you can cultivate a crop. In order to obtain an ODC licence and permit there are a number of security requirements and documents needed to do so, which are made up of a number of key components.

  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Physical (Site) Security Assessments
  • Information Security Including Records Management
  • Personnel Security of Staff and Contractors
  • Storage, handling, transport and engagement for third party processes
  • All aligned to the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 and Narcotic Drugs Regulation 2016.