Lockforce has recently completed a full simulation Business Resilience exercise with a foreign embassy based in the Philippines. The exercise was to Stress Test the organization’s procedures and resource levels to ensure they are in the best position to respond to a complex event.

The exercise was based on the “Big One,” an earthquake that is overdue to strike the Philippines. Assessments already conducted on the impacts of such an earthquake indicate the potential for widespread human and critical infrastructure impacts.

Residential houses:

•            170,000 heavily damaged

•            340,000 moderately damaged

•            10,000 liquefaction affected buildings alongside Manila Bay

•            9% damaged concrete-made buildings; 16% wooden-made buildings

•            27% damage squatter buildings

Mid-rise and High-rise

•            11% heavily damaged; 27% moderately damaged for a total of 1,000 10-30 stories building

•            2% heavily damaged; 12% moderately for a total of 100 30-60 stories building

The organization wished to enhance their processes; the exercise also tested the ability to establish their Warm Site with the teams conducting a move, set up, and operate at this location.

Historically, over the recent years, much focus has been associated to the global COVID pandemic, with organisations potentially neglecting other posed business threats.

Being prepared is the key, and Business Resilience is an investment.

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