Since 2011, Lockforce Security Philippines has continued to provide a range of Security Services to various industries within the Philippines. Client approaches to Lockforce are increasing due to companies realizing the importance of guard force capability, accountability, compliance with the client’s contract, and compliance with Government regulations.

The current global pandemic has highlighted the shortfall in some Security Providers not complying with Government regulations. Those security providers are required to pay such contributions as SSS, PhilHealth and PAGIBIG. This non-compliance has left their employees out in the “cold” when it comes to Government aid. Not only is this illegal, but it also impacts the client’s reputation and can lead to labor claims against you; the Company.

Security Company Philippines

A number of companies have approached Lockforce to take over and “manage” the guard force, with the capability extending throughout the Philippines. Lockforce ensures that the company will get all security services they are paying for and also ensure that the contract obligations are fulfilled through strict management, auditing, and reporting. Lockforce security philippines implements a system to ensure that the guard force is accountable to your business and the contract, and you are getting what you pay for. Lockforce’s Security Management in Philippines ensures compliance with statutory Government requirements, SSS, PhilHealth and PAGIBIG payments, local area salary requirements, and the appropriate insurances.

The new guarding model in the Philippines in protecting your most valuable assets must be capability, accountability, and compliance!

Security is an essential service, so contact Lockforce today and allow us to provide you with the best security solution.

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