Lockforce 15th Year Anniversary

Lockforce was established in 2006 in Australia and 2011 in the Philippines, and over the past 15 years, Lockforce has continued to conduct successful work outcomes for some of the world’s largest companies within various industries and has succeeded in a growing and competitive market. Lockforce has grown into a leading consulting firm for both […]

Philippines Responsible Mining Requirements

Executive Order (EO) 130 dated April 14, 2021,  which amends EO 79 issued in 2012 that suspended  applications for mineral contracts in protected areas,  prime agricultural lands, tourism development areas,  and other critical places like island ecosystems, among others. The moratorium on mineral agreements under Section  4, EO No. 79 is hereby lifted,” the new […]

University Coordinators – High-Risk Training (HRT)

The scope of the program covered the development of the activity materials and the facilitation of High-Risk Security Awareness and Response Training to meet the ever-changing security environments for a University. These workshops were customised to security incidents and other threats that are relevant within the University sector operating environment. Some of these workshops and […]

Lockforce Supporting Indigenous Companies Meet ISO Requirements

Arra Group is an Indigenous company with a mission to enhance the employment opportunities of Indigenous Australians by developing training programs and building up genuine skills for Indigenous Australians. Arra Group Management are dedicated to having robust systems in place to support their employees and provide opportunities for them. Achieving ISO 9001 certification only solidifies […]

Have your Management System developed to meet ISO requirements and gain that competitive edge!

With the Mining Industry still pushing ahead it’s important to either achieve compliance or maintain your current compliance with ISO’s 9001, 14001 and 45001. Many businesses have adapted to the changes within their operational environment, and streamlined the way they do business by updating their Management System.  Businesses have had to refine their processes to […]