Security Services Philippines

Since 2011, Lockforce has continued to provide a range of Security Services to various industries within the Philippines. Client approaches to Lockforce are increasing due to companies realizing the importance of guard force capability, accountability, compliance with the client’s contract, and compliance with Government regulations. The current global pandemic has highlighted the shortfall in some […]

Cyber Security and Technical Security Counter Measure

Strategic competitors will increasingly use cyber capabilities – to launch cyber-attacks that cause localised, temporary disruptive effects on economic institutions, businesses and critical infrastructure. The targeted businesses and industries being Australian and Asia/Pacific organisations from different sectors including education, health, government, political organisations, essential service providers, and other critical infrastructure operations. ISO 270001 – Information […]

Pandemics and regional tensions, what is next; are you prepared? Planning is an investment!

Lockforce continues to guide many clients to a Risk Based approach when operating in Asia. Planning is the greatest investment an organization can have and plans are key to your response mechanisms and success. below are some examples: • Crisis Management and Business Continuity Process• Business Resilience Planning• Security Risk Assessment• Maritime Security Processes• High-Risk […]

Lockforce Philippines offers Social Media and Marketing Services

Social Media has a significant role in helping businesses to reach greater goals and enables effective communication with clients and business to business connections. Lockforce Social Media Management involves business marketing that includes report generation, development of posts, promotions setup, and data analytics that will help businesses to increase reach and visibility in social media […]

Document Management Services

Document, Presentation and Desktop Publishing Create and convert templates into real client branding Generate corporate level presentations in (PowerPoint) Convert handwritten reports and recorded conversation into documents or presentations (Transcription) Create high-level process flow, map tracing and plotting (Microsoft Visio) Would like a copy of the Lockforce Quarterly News Letter, please contact us on . If […]