Lockforce Supporting Indigenous Companies Meet ISO Requirements

Arra Group is an Indigenous company with a mission to enhance the employment opportunities of Indigenous Australians by developing training programs and building up genuine skills for Indigenous Australians. Arra Group Management are dedicated to having robust systems in place to support their employees and provide opportunities for them. Achieving ISO 9001 certification only solidifies […]

On the Water – Maritime Security Services

A long-standing client has again requested Lockforce to provide Maritime Security services for the transit through high-risk waters. The transit required Lockforce to do a Risk Assessment of potential threat sources, Route Card analysis to identify the specific areas of criticality for the Transit and Vessel Process Review to identify any areas of vulnerability for […]

Have your Management System developed to meet ISO requirements and gain that competitive edge!

With the Mining Industry still pushing ahead it’s important to either achieve compliance or maintain your current compliance with ISO’s 9001, 14001 and 45001. Many businesses have adapted to the changes within their operational environment, and streamlined the way they do business by updating their Management System.  Businesses have had to refine their processes to […]

Security Services Philippines

Since 2011, Lockforce has continued to provide a range of Security Services to various industries within the Philippines. Client approaches to Lockforce are increasing due to companies realizing the importance of guard force capability, accountability, compliance with the client’s contract, and compliance with Government regulations. The current global pandemic has highlighted the shortfall in some […]

Cyber Security and Technical Security Counter Measure

Strategic competitors will increasingly use cyber capabilities – to launch cyber-attacks that cause localised, temporary disruptive effects on economic institutions, businesses and critical infrastructure. The targeted businesses and industries being Australian and Asia/Pacific organisations from different sectors including education, health, government, political organisations, essential service providers, and other critical infrastructure operations. ISO 270001 – Information […]